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Cosmetic bonding or composite bonding is an ideal option for augmenting the look of your smile, without any preparation required prior to treatment.

The great thing about bonding is that it can be completed in one visit.

Bonding uses the same composite materials as white fillings to cover teeth stains, chips, and any gaps between your teeth. Your dentist can adjust the shade of the material, so it matches your teeth achieving a seamless and natural look.

How cosmetic bonding works?

Your dentist roughens up your tooth enamel increasing the surface area of your tooth to allow the composite material to attach more firmly. Next, a strong adhesive is applied to your tooth, before applying a tooth-coloured resin. Finally, your dentist shapes the resin to match the rest of your teeth before curing it using a special blue light.

Does bonding hurt my teeth and gums?

Cosmetic bonding involves little to no preparation before the procedure so you should not require an anaesthetic or experience any discomfort.

How should I care for my teeth after cosmetic bonding?

Composite resin can stain easily, therefore, you should refrain from consuming food or chemicals that can stain your teeth, such as coffee, tea, tobacco or red wine.

Chewing on pens, fingernails and other objects like ice cubes can damage your bonded teeth.

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