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Invisalign® is a ground-breaking orthodontic treatment system that straightens your teeth and corrects your bite issues without the use of dental braces.

Invisalign® is one of the most talked-about teeth straightening treatments in the UK, but what makes it so popular? Millions of adults across the world have undergone Invisalign treatment with great success. Whether it’s crooked teeth, gapped teeth, crossbite, or overbite Invisalign® can offer a speedy solution.

Why Invisalign®?

Here at Newmarket Road Dental Practice, we love how versatile Invisalign® is, on so many levels. This treatment is almost completely invisible, so no need to hide your smile while you’re straightening your teeth. Also, there is no food or drink restrictions as the aligner system is removed when eating. This is one of the most adaptable systems on the market making it suitable for both teen and adult patients of all ages.

How long does it take to work?

Invisalign® uses aligner trays made of smooth, comfortable, clear plastic that is worn over your teeth to move them subtly and gently, gradually shifting your teeth into position. The aligners are custom-made for your mouth using 3D imaging technology. The software also allows you to see a detailed representation of what your teeth will look like after the treatment. On average, the treatment time is 12 to 18 months, however, some start seeing results in just a matter of weeks. Once your custom aligners arrive, you’ll begin wearing them. Each set will need to be replaced every 1-2 weeks.  As you move on to each new aligner, your teeth will move little by little each week until they’ve finally shifted into their straightened positions.

How much is Invisalign®?

The cost of Invisalign Treatment is determined by your dentist based on your specific needs. The price will include the duration of treatment and the type of correction you are looking for. Most start from £2,500 anywhere up to £4,000 depending on the complexity. Invisalign is sold as a package with no hidden fees. Included is:

  • Genuine Invisalign Product
  • All appointments
  • Refinement aligners – if your teeth have not moved to the proposed position
  • Fixed wire retainers
  • 3 sets of removable retainers
  • Cosmetic recontouring
  • Teeth whitening

Additional perks for Invisalign® patients

Included in each treatment is a range of benefits such as:

  • Complimentary initial consultation worth £65
  • Free whitening treatment worth £350
  • 3D scan worth £300
  • Free fixed retainers worth £300
  • Zero-interest financing option

What are the different treatment courses of Invisalign®?

Invisalign has different courses of treatments that cater to different conditions and types of mouth. The course of treatment is dependent on the complexity of treatment and how long it would take to align your teeth. The different treatment courses are:

Invisalign Express

This course of treatment is for patients with minimal orthodontic needs, such as one crooked tooth. This course of treatment is a 3month treatment plan that provides up to 7 aligners to align the teeth and costs £2000.

Invisalign Lite (Single Arch)

This course of treatment is for patients with mild to moderate orthodontic needs wishing to treat one arch only. This course of treatment plan is a 6-9 month treatment plan that provides up to 14 aligners to align the teeth and costs £2700. (Please note that suitability for this course of treatment is dependent on one’s bite.)

Invisalign Lite (Dual Arch)

This course of treatment is for patients with mild to moderate orthodontic needs on both the upper and lower arch. This course of treatment plan is a 6-9 month treatment plan that provides up to 14 aligners to align the teeth and costs £3500.

Invisalign Comprehensive

This course of treatment is for patients with moderate to complex orthodontic needs on both the upper and lower arch. This course of treatment plan is a 9-18month treatment plan that provides as many aligners required to align the teeth and costs £4300.

Is Invisalign® appropriate for teens and children?

While Invisalign® was initially designed for adults, its success led to the creation of Invisalign® Teen. This treatment offers unique features for developing mouths such as power ridges to guide roots to grow in the right spot.

The Newmarket Road Dental Clinic is an Invisalign® Platinum Elite provider.

As a Platinum Elite provider, we are recognised by Align Technologies (the company behind the Invisalign® system). This means we are an accredited and highly experienced dental provider of the Invisalign® system.

This accreditation is given only to dental practices that have completed a minimum number of successful Invisalign® treatments each year. This distinction enables patients to know they are working with a dentist who has the knowledge and experience to create healthier, straighter smiles.

Invisalign Norwich Invisalign Norwich
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If you live in Norwich and you’re looking to know more about Invisalign then contact us today.

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